“I Recycle” is the theme of Keep America Beautiful’s 2010 America Recycles Day (ARD), which takes place on Nov. 15. It's the perfect day to stop and think about our recycling efforts at home, at work, and on the go and figure out how we can make them even better over the next year.

Here are five ways you can improve your recycling efforts and help spread the word about the benefits of recycling in your community:

1. Get the facts. Do you know what can be recycled and where in your community? Visit Earth911.com and enter your ZIP code for your local information and resources.

2. Recycle on the go. Keep two bags in your car or truck to handle debris — one bag for garbage, and one for recyclables. Pre-sorting makes it easier to recycle at your next pit stop.

3. Find the app for that: There are a bunch of apps for both iPhone and Droid that help you make the most of your recycling. iRecycle is Earth 911's recycling app for the iPhone. The free app tells you exactly what you can recycle and where to take it when you're ready to send it off. MyRecycle is the Droid version of this app available from 1-800-RECYCLING.

4. Organize an event. Spread the word about recycling by organizing an event in your local community. Host a cleanup at your favorite park or playground and be sure to sort the recyclables, or try organizing an electronics recycling event. Check out americarecyclesday.org for tips and inspiration to get you started.

5. Pass it on: Get your kids on the recycling bandwagon. Even preschoolers can help with sorting recyclables, and starting kids on this path at a young age helps to ensure that recycling is a habit as they get older.

I recycle. Do you?
5 great ways to boost your own recycling efforts and help spread the word about recycling throughout your community.