As the mom of young kids, I'm always looking for ways to teach my kids to go green. In particular, I love ideas that are fun without being preachy, because I spend enough time lecturing my kids about sharing their toys and not chewing with their mouths full.  

I want going green to be a natural part of what they do every day, not just something they do because mom tells them to. And I don't want it to be overwhelming.  Because it's easy for things to get overwhelming — even for me — when it comes to going green.

That's the idea behind Idbids, organic toy kits that teach kids about going green one iddy-biddy step at a time. Each kit comes with a loveable organic plush toy, an organic cotton backpack, a story book and a field guide for kids to record their own iddy-biddy steps to green. And as part of the kit, your child can login online and take care of his new friend's natural habitat.  

MNN's own Keri Greenwald reviewed Idbids in her segment on green toys:


Here are some of the iddy-biddy Earth Month ideas that the Idbids toys recommend for kids:

  • Play outside: it’s lots of fun and no electricity is needed. It’s my favorite place to be! (Tip from Scout)
  • Instead of bottled water, stay cool by drinking from a reusable container or use a glass. (Waverly)
  • Plant a garden. It’s fun to watch it grow, grow, grow! (Lola)
  • Have a family recycling challenge. See if you can recycle more than you throw away! (Scout)
  • Be clean and green by turning off the water while you brush your teeth. (Waverly)
Iddy-biddy ways for kids to go green
Teaching kids to go green with baby steps and fun toys.