It's been a particularly rough week for green family news, hasn't it? There was the terrible tragedy of the coal miners trapped and killed in West Virginia, the oil spills in Louisiana and the Great Barrier Reef, and the disappearing glaciers in Montana. On top of that, we read about the California parents struggling to understand the connection between their environment and the sudden increase of miscarriages and birth defects in their community; the links between exposure to chemicals and lower IQ scores for boys and the onset of early puberty for girls; and Mrs. Q, the anonymous teacher who is dutifully eating and blogging about the horrid food given to students everyday across the country.

I feel a little wiped out.

So take a break from the glum news and enjoy this lighthearted (and ingenious) video of a Lego-made, eco-savvy wind turbine:

Enjoy your weekend!
In lighter news...
Take an eco-break with this quick and quirky green video.