Some moms love fancy clothes and jewels. Some moms love backpacks and expensive camping gear. But all moms love simple gestures that show how much they are loved and appreciated. So this Mother's Day, try one of these easy, inexpensive crafts that are packed with love and affection. Trust me, your mom will love it!

Pasta mom. You know what I love about this Mother's Day gift? It perfectly shows how you don't need a lot of money or fancy materials to make a heartfelt gift for mom. I don't know any mom out there who wouldn't be blubbering like a fool if her kids presented her with this sweet, simple gift. You can use pasta, like the picture shows, or jazz it up with raisins, dried beans, cereal or rice instead.

Flower power. Here is another simple idea for mom. This cute card folds down to fit in an envelope and pops open for display. Change up the message a bit, and it also makes a lovely card for your child's favorite teacher.

Queen for a day.  I love the idea of making mom "Queen for a Day" this Mother's Day. And what better way to pamper her royal highness than with this cute chair cover? All you need is a gently used pillowcase, craft glue and fun embellishments (like jewels, pompoms, and paint,) to put the royal gift together.

ABC book of mom. This is another one of those gifts that is low on cost and materials and high on love and sweetness. It's a blank notebook filled with all of the A-Z ways you love your mom. Whether it's made by a toddler or a 20-year-old, this is a gift that mom is sure to cherish.

Inspirational crafts for Mother's Day
Forget the fancy flowers and jewels. These sweet, simple gifts are the way to mom's heart this Mother's Day.