Brooklyn Wright of Powder Springs, Ga., is on a mission to stop littering. She calls herself Earth Saver Girl and recently wrote a book called "The Adventures of Earth Saver Girl" to help spread her message. Brooklyn gives programs in schools in which she reads a portion of her book and then asks trivia questions, answers questions, and hands out books, stickers, activity pages and more. At community events she gives presentations, leads kids and adults in interactive games and skits, and leads litter pickup activities.

Did I mention that Brooklyn is 8 years old?  

She is just one of the many inspiring kids to win the title of International Young Eco-Hero presented by the nonprofit group, Action For Nature. Since 2003, Action For Nature, has recognized more than 100 kids ages 8-16 as International Young Eco-Heroes for their extraordinary dedication to environemtnal issues.  

Here's a look at this year's winners:

Ages 8 to 13

  • Brooklyn Wright, 8, Powder Springs, Ga.: First place, Persuading others to stop littering
  • Avalon Theisen, 10, Wesley Chapel, Fla.: First place, Advocating for frogs and clean water
  • Guru Vishnu Mathivanan, 9, India: Second place, “Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” (Planting Trees)
  • Mark Terrillion, 9, Springfield, Va.: Second place, Helping oil-soaked wildlife
  • Claire Dworsky, 10, San Francisco, Calif.: Third place, Researching water runoff from soccer fields
  • Enzo Monfre, 10, Georgetown, Texas: Honorable mention, Teaching others about Nature through videos (“Nature is Cool”)
  • Willy Jones, 11, Waverly, Pa.: Honorable mention, Spreading awareness about whales
  • Casey Sokolovic, 13, Winterville, N.C.: Second place, Fundraising for and teaching others about sea turtles
Ages 14 to 16
  • Roshan Yadav, 15, Kathmandu, Nepal: First place, Global Warming — collecting signatures to influence government action
  • Charles Orgbon, 15, Dacula, Ga.: First place, Environmental movement leadership – organizing others
  • Rujul Zaparde, 16, Plainsboro N.J.: First place, Clean drinking water for Indian villages
  • James Brooks, 14, London, Canada: Second place, Protecting endangered apes through school programs
  • Clifford Dzidonu, 16, Ghana: Second place, Tree planting and youth action
  • Victoria Pan, 16, Ridgewood, N.J.: Third place, saving electricity – small steps make a big difference
  • Ariel Allen, 16, Atlanta, Ga.: Third Place, Started a Jewish environmental group
  • Anup Chalise, 15, Pokhara, Nepal: Third place, Planting sacred trees to protect the environment
  • Elizabeth Rintels, 15, Virginia: Honorable mention, Reducing shower water usage
For the complete scoop on each winner, check out the International Young Eco-Hero page and be prepared to get inspired!
Inspiring kids win International Young Eco-Hero Awards
From creating petitions to planting trees to teaching kids to stop littering, these young eco-heroes bring new life to environmental movement.