It's that time of year again. Kids are dusting off their calculators and sharpening their pencils; teachers are dusting off their chalkboards and brushing up on their lesson plans; and once again Beloit College has released its Mindset List, which focuses on the generation gap exists between the two groups.

The just-released Mindset List is assembled each year by two officials at the private school in southeastern Wisconsin. Over the years, it has become a national phenomenon and a cultural checklist that not only entertains but also highlights the point of view of this year's college freshmen.

So what's new for the class of 2015? For starters, these kids are younger than the Internet. They have been doing Google searches almost as long as they could stand on two feet and toddle over to the keyboard. Most of them were born in 1993, so they've almost always been able to download music via the Web, swipe credit cards, and buy products from Amazon. Their schools have always celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There have always been at least two women in the Supreme Court and altar girls at Catholic masses. And there has always been advertising in their schools.  

These kids have grown up with websites and cellphones. They can barely remember dial-up phones. Many of them have ended relationships via texting or social media. And to them, "PC" means personal computer — not politically correct.

Oh, and Ferris Beuller could be their father.

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Internet older than most college freshmen
This year's Mindset List looks at the world from the perspective of the class of 2015.