Imagine the nightmare of planning a birthday party for your child — a party that he is stinking excited about — only to have every single one of the guests cancel just hours before the event. It's the kind of stuff that parental nightmares are made of. And it's just what happened to Melbourne, Australia, mom Rachelle Briannan just a few days ago.

It was her son Taenon's fourth birthday, and she had planned a big bash at the neighborhood McDonald's, complete with a huge superhero cake. But just hours before the big event, the parents and kids on Taenon's guest list started cancelling, or not returning Briannan's messages.

Briannan was crushed, and knew her son would be devastated. So she aired her frustrations on a Facebook group she is a part of called Midnight Mums:

Here's what she wrote:

Briannan was just hoping to vent and get a few words of condolence or advice on dealing with the situation. Instead, her post prompted 30 children and their parents to drop what they were doing and head over to the McDonalds where the party was being held.

Not only did Taenon suddenly have tons of kids at his party, but a local party supply company donated helium balloons and the local rescue squad showed up to let the birthday boy and his new friends explore their truck.

Taenon's birthday party They don't usually stop by birthday parties, but the members of Nillumbik State Emergency Service unit decided to make an exception in Taenon's case. (Photo: Midnight Mums/Facebook)

As for Teanon, Briannan posted on the Midnight Mums group that her son was "over the moon," adding this heartfelt thank you to all of the members of the Facebook community who rallied together to save a little boy's heart from breaking.

Well done, internet. Well done.

Internet rallies to save 4-year-old's birthday after all of his guests cancel
Thirty kids and their parents dropped what they were doing to attend.