I can easily remember when I was pregnant with my first child. The responsibility of providing a safe, happy and healthy home for her to grow in seemed like an unattainable fairy tale. Toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds lurked in everything from the crib mattress to the paint on her walls.  

It took hours of research and planning to find paint, furniture and fabrics that were healthy for my home. Of course, this was back before new parents had access to cool apps that could make the whole planning process a breeze. One such app, The Peaceful Nursery, came across my desk (virtually, of course) recently. It's got all of the features I would have loved when I was pregnant with my girls.  

It comes with a quick and easy shopping checklist of all the right items to buy for the nursery, tips about what to avoid, and an explanation of what chemicals are often found in each product. What I really like is that the app doesn't focus specifically on brands; rather, it is designed to teach new parents what types of products to buy that are safest and healthiest for their child.

The Peaceful Nursery ($1.99) has versions compatible with iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. The app for iPhone will be available Jan. 10, 2011.  

iPhone app makes eco-nursery planning a breeze
New baby on the way? This iPhone app will help you plan a healthy, happy nursery for your little one.