When my girls were little, I bought a kids' yoga DVD thinking that they could learn to do yoga while I got a little exercise as well. Of course, it never really worked out that way. More often than not, they wound up climbing on top of me while I tried to downward-dog and tickling me as I attempted Warrior III. Still it introduced them to the idea of yoga at a young age.  


Now that they're older, my girls often ask to do yoga side-by-side with me whenever I pop in a DVD. It's a good thing for all of us, and something that I'm always glad we make time for. It seems to help them stretch out the aches and pains of growing up — both physically and mentally.  


Studies have shown that yoga helps kids reduce stress just as it does for adults. It's also been shown to reduce headaches, improve concentration and even reduce rates of obesity. One study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Penn State universities is currently looking at the possibility of using yoga therapy as part of a drug-abuse prevention program.


At the very least, yoga is a calm, gentle exercise that may help your child boost her physical activity each day and tune into her own body.


Have your children ever tried yoga?


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Is yoga right for your kids?
Yoga offers the same health benefits for kids that it offers to adults: Improved concentration, reduced headaches and lower incidences of obesity.