Ford is rolling out a new initiative that is sure to warm the hearts of parents and strike fear in the hearts of teens everywhere.

MyKey is a new technology that will allow parents to set the maximum speed and radio volume in the car when their kids are driving. According to Ford Engineer Tom Miller and Andy Sarkisian, Ford's Manager Safety Planning and Strategy, "It's like having your mother in the car with you at all times."

MyKey is a programmable feature that allows parents to limit top speed and audio volume of vehicles so kids drive more safely. The technology also includes a seatbelt minder ... the radio goes mute until the the driver and front passenger buckle up! In a recent Ford-commissioned survey by Harris Interactive Study, 44 percent of teens surveyed admit to speeding and 53 percent of parents worry about their teens driving too fast. And since slower speeds mean safer kids and better fuel economy, MyKey could put many a parents worried minds to ease, for the sake of their kids, their wallets and their planet.

MyKey will be standard on the 2010 Focus and many other upcoming Ford, Lincoln and Mercury models.

Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company

It's like having your mother in the car
Ford's new MyKey technology put parents in the front seat.