So let's just say you are a groom-to-be, about to marry the love of your life in just a few short days, when suddenly the relationship sours and the wedding is called off.  You have already shelled out around $15,000 for the reception - and it's too late to get a refund.  Do you:

A. cancel anyhow and host an pity party of epic proportions on your sofa?

B. party like a rock star with all of your friends?

C. turn lemons into lemonade by hosting a charity ball to raise money for children in need?

If you said "C," you must be Phil Laboon.  

This Sunday, Laboon won't be having the wedding reception he thought he was going to have.  Instead, the 32-year-old Pittsburgh man is turning his canceled wedding into a charity fundraiser, in an event he has dubbed LemonAID - turning his lemony situation into one that can help others.

Laboon is selling tickets to what once would have been his wedding reception.  Tickets include alcohol, food, and entertainment as well as a chance at some rather amazing raffle prizes that keep rolling in as the story spreads.   The would-have-been groom hopes to raise about $50K which he plans to donate to Surgicorps International, a non-profit agency that provides free plastic surgery to children in developing countries with ailments ranging from cleft palate to burns to birth defects.

Here's the news story:

Truth be told, the event may even help Laboon's love life.  He has received about 500 friend requests in the past few days, mostly from interested women or moms and grandmothers hoping to set Laboon up with their daughters.

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