Justin Bieber is using his star power to help kids get a better education around the world. The pop sensation has teamed up with Schools4All to fundraise for better schools and he’s offering himself as the prize to the school who raises the most dough.

According to his new PSA, Bieber is calling on his fans to help other kids and improve education around the world. The grand prize for the school that raises the most funds is a visit from Bieber and Pencils of Promise founder Adam Braun.

“I wanted to give every one of my fans a chance to help others and bring me to their school for just $25,” says Justin Bieber. “The Schools4All campaign is a way for us young people to make a change, and I’ll get to thank an entire school in person.”

Check out Justin Bieber’s PSA and to sign up to join the campaign, visit Schools4All.org.