Just when I thought I'd seen it all ...

... someone comes out with a book about toilet training for cats!  Kick Litter: The Nine-Step Program for Recovering Litter Addicts is a hilariously written book that follows the exploits of two cats (Moxie and Cooper) and their owner as they attempt to kick the kitty litter habit.

The books description really says it best:

RECOVERING LITTER ADDICTS Moxie and Cooper guide you through nine steps to leaving litter behind. Combining a funny, visually stunning book with an utterly practical guide, Kick Litter features two photogenic cats (and the big guy who feeds them) taking their message of recovery from litter addiction to the masses. Conceived and written by Hollywood web designer (and reluctant cat whisperer) Perre DiCarlo and lushly designed and packaged by the prestigious San Francisco firm Chen Design Associates, Kick Litter is a gorgeous little gift book for comedy and cat lovers alike.
My first reaction was that this had to be a joke. And the book is really funny. But it also outlines what appears to be a potentially great way for cat lovers to reduce waste and mess in their homes. I wasn't brave enough to put the nine-step kitty litter recovery program to the test, primarily because I only have a dog -- a large lab/mastiff dog at that -- and there was no way I was going to try to get him to hop up on the toilet. But I think the premise is sound. Now who out there is brave enough to give it a try? 
Kick litter: Potty training for cats?
New book helps cats (and their owners) kick their kitty litter addiction.