What's better than long summer evenings eating s'mores and telling stories around the campfire at summer camp? How about bringing grandma and granddad along to share in the adventure?

Summer camps for grandparents and grandchildren have exploded in popularity among families looking to combine summer adventure for the kids with bonding opportunities with the grandparents. There are a ton of options available that vary in length, cost and focus. Some have an emphasis on nature, others focus on sports, while still others focus only on strengthening the bond between grandparents and their grandkids.

Here are a few options to consider:

Sierra Club's Just for Grandparents and Grandkids: The Sierra Club started this camp for grandparents and grandkids over a decade ago and it has become bigger and better every year since. The camp is held at Clair Tappaan Lodge, built by Sierra Club volunteers in the 1930s. Camp activities include hiking, swimming, and skating and participants are also free to make their own itineraries as well. Cost is $695 for adults and $595 for children. Minimum age is 6.

Grands Camp at Great Camp Sagamore. With over twenty years running, Grands Camp is considered the granddaddy of summer camps for grandparents and grandchildren. Camp Sagamore, once a vacation home to the Vanderbilts, is located in the wilderness of the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. The camp focuses on environmental education and history with activities such as music classes, building wooden oars, designing T-shirts, and guided hikes. All activities are optional, so everyone can take things at their own pace. There is also a one-week Grand Camp set aside specifically for granddaughters and grandmothers. Prices start at $853 and the minimum age is 6.

Historical Virginia Camp. Held at Stratford Hall in Virginia, the birthplace of Robert E. Lee, this camp allows participants to experience 18th-century life on a Virginia plantation. Activities include hiking, fishing, bricklaying, and fossil hunting as well as special programs about such things as spying during the Revolutionary War, early house building, and cooking in an open hearth kitchen. Cost is $360 per person with discounts for parties greater than two. Suggested age is first grade and up.

Kids and grandparents have a grand time at summer camp
Grandparents and grandkids can hike, fish, swim, and bond at summer camps designed specifically for them.