Kids can learn something new and help make a difference at free, charitable game sites that do good with every click. Here are some fun ones to try: Kids expand their vocabulary, and with each correct answer they donate rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Kids can choose from a range of quiz topics such as art, geography and math. Since the site was launched in October 2007, the group behind it has donated almost 50 million grains of rice to poor countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bhutan and Nepal. Along with its sister site,, this site gives food to animals living in shelters. Kids answer questions about dogs and cats to earn booty for their favorite pets. Best part? Both sites were created by a junior high student! Kids get lost in Altercia, the magical world of Caduceus, in this game sponsored by the Children's Hospital Boston. As they reach different levels (on their way to becoming a Master Healer,) players can recruit sponsors to help fund grants for medical research for kids. This world geography game gives kids the chance to test their knowledge of the world while donating cups of water to needy communities. Given the name of a city and country, players must accurately pinpoint the city on the world map provided within about 10 seconds. Players are awarded anywhere from one to 10 cups of water, depending on the accuracy of their answers. At this charity puzzle site, kids test vocabulary skills and general knowledge with multiple-choice questions. For each correct answer, players accrue points that can go to a charity of their choice: Clean drinking water, food for the needy, education, or the protection of rain forests.  

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Charitable game sites teach kids new facts while supporting worthwhile causes.