It was a little over one year ago that I wrote about the group of elementary school students from San Rafael, Calif. that were so concerned about the environmental impact of the markers they were throwing out every day, that they created a petition asking Crayola to take create a recycling program for their products.  The campaign received good news this week when Crayola agreed to not only to take their markers back, but to use them to create a liquid fuel source.

The kids' campaign, officially titled Crayola: Make Your Mark!, was hugely popular on  In all, the students gathered more than 90,000 signatures and convinced the craft-product maker to take their concerns seriously.  The students were all part of a “Green Team,” led by advisor Land Wilson, that launched the campaign after deciding it was one of the best ways that their group could have a positive impact on the environment. Over the course of the last year, their petition has gotten media love not just from MNN, but also from the Associated Press, NBC, and tons of eco-savvy and/or family-focused websites.  

In a letter to Land Wilson announcing their new program, Crayola explained that it will promote and facilitate the process of turning old markers into a source of energy via a conversion facility.  According to Crayola, their new “ColorCycle” -- a program will accept used markers and convert them into a liquid fuel source. 

Congrats to the Green Team at Sun Valley School in San Rafael, Calif. for their amazing success with this campaign!

Kids convince Crayola to recycle markers
Elementary students gather 90,000 signatures on petition asking Crayola to take back their markers.