For the past 12 years, the folks at IKEA have been raising money for children's charities via their Soft Toys for Education campaign. Over the years, the Swedish retailer has donated a portion of soft toy line sales to programs that support kids education at UNICEF and Save the Children.

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This year, to shake things up, IKEA invited kids to design the soft toys. And they weren't disappointed. Kids aged 4 to 10 from all over the world submitted drawings that ranged from dinosaurs to monsters to cozy critters that stretched the imagination.

IKEA chose 10 winners and turned them into real-life toys. They plan to donate one euro (a little more than $1) to UNICEF and Save the Children for every toy sold.

Here's a look at IKEA's 2015 Soft Toys For Education collection:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationThymeo, 4 years old, Belgium (Photo:<

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationYou-Chen Wu, 6 years old, Taiwan (Photo:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationTerrence and Wan, 6 years old, Malaysia (Photo:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationDora, 6 1/2 years old, United Kingdom (Photo:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationRosita, 4 years old, Canary Islands (Photo:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationKarla, 10 years old, Croatia (Photo:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationMaja, 8 years old and John, 5 years old, Norway (Photo:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationAlbert, 7 years old, Romania (Photo:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationKoen, 10 years old, Netherlands (Photo:

IKEA's Soft Toys for EducationStella, 6 years old, Cyprus (Photo:

Got a favorite? I think I love them all!

Kids' drawings spring to life as IKEA toys
A portion of sales from the new toy line will be donated to UNICEF and Save the Children.