"What do you want to be when you grow up?" If you're a kid, this is a question you hear all the time. But as adults, how often do we really listen to the answer?

In a new survey, 3,910 American parents with kids under the age of 10 were asked about their kid's responses to this question. When parents were instructed to take into account both the silly and the serious conversations they have had with their children about the future, researchers found that 82 percent of kids talk to their parents about the future with 62 percent discussing future careers, 21 percent talking about life goals, and 9 percent sharing their thoughts about future families. 

All respondents were also asked "Has your child ever told you what they want to be when they grow up?" to which 100 percent of the parents said "yes." All parents were then provided an extensive list of possible career options for their children and told to select all of the paths that their kids had expressed an interest in (or they could write their own answers if they didn’t appear on the list). Once all of the results were collated, the top 10 things that children want to be when they grow up were revealed:

1.      Superhero – 37 percent

2.      Celebrity – 36 percent

3.      Doctor – 33 percent

4.      President of the United States – 29 percent

5.      Teacher – 24 percent

6.      Prince/Princess – 23 percent

7.      Astronaut – 18 percent

8.      Chef – 16 percent

9.      Police officer – 15 percent

10.    Santa – 10 percent

Things get complicated when the parents were asked what they wanted their kids to be when they grew up as 65 percent said they wanted their children to follow in their own career footsteps. Unless your name is Superman or St. Nick, that might be difficult to pull off. But one thing that the majority — 89 percent — of parents had in common is that they wanted their children to be "more successful" than they had been.

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