Five years ago, Brittany and Robbie Berquist (then 13 and 12 years old) saw a TV show about a deployed soldier who was stuck with a $7,600 phone bill because he was trying to stay in touch with his family. They wanted to do something to help him pay his bill and find a way to help other soldiers stay in touch with their families for free. As a result, Cell Phones For Soldiers was born.

Did you know that as a group, we Americans will replace 130 million cell phones this year? If it's time to replace yours, send your old one to Cell Phones For Soldiers (CPFS) where it can be recycled and used to buy calling cards that are handed out to soldiers. CPFS now has 6,000 collection sites and has donated over 500,000 calling cards to soldiers. Check out the site to find a collection box, set up a collection box in your area, request a calling card for your favorite soldier, or donate a phone.

Kids recycle for a cause
Massachusetts teens recycle cell phones for soldiers.