Had enough of the twinkling lights, sugar plum fairies and jolly old elves that monopolize the season? If you like your legends and traditions to have a darker edge, then the "Krampus in the Corner" may well be the perfect storybook for you.

For generations, people from Austria, Germany and Switzerland have shared the story of the Krampus. Think of him as the anti-Santa. While jolly old St. Nick travels the world bringing presents to all of the good little boys and girls, the Krampus takes care of the kids who haven't been quite so nice.

Although his style may vary from place to place, he's generally described as a horned, half-goat/half-devil creature who visits the naughty boys and girls on Christmas Eve, doling out spankings. (And I thought threatening my kids with a "phone call to Santa" when they misbehaved was playing hardball.)

Krampus in the Corner The Cristellis are marketing their new book as a 'creepy parody to the Elf on the Shelf.' (Photo: Lindsay Cristelli/Kickstarter)

If the idea of a horned monster who beats children sounds like your cup of tea, check out the "Krampus in the Corner" Kickstarter campaign, which promises to bring this nightmarish legend to life.

From the Kickstarter page:

"A creepy parody of Elf on the Shelf, Krampus in the Corner is sure to amuse horror fans and those who love dark, subversive humor."

Written and illustrated by the husband and wife team Justin and Lindsay Cristelli, 'Krampus,' is definitely not your average holiday storybook. In fact, the creators even include a warning on their campaign page:

"Warning: This book is not intended for young children. It is a horror parody featuring scary situations and mild gore."

Krampus in the Corner plush doll For a pledge of $20 or more you can cuddle with your very own plush Krampus doll. (Photo: Lindsay Cristelli/Kickstarter)

The Cristellis have also created a plush version of the Krampus — complete with sticks for beating children and a frightened child in his basket — that you can hold and snuggle up with all day long.

While the legend and the story of the Krampus may sound gruesome, it's safe to say that the internet is absolutely eating it up. The original project goal was set at $2,800. At last count, it was sitting very close to $57,000.

Bah humbug indeed.

Krampus is coming (and he's got a paddle)
The legend about a Christmas devil who beats children is perfect storybook fodder for folks who like to live on the dark side.