This winter, celebrate Kwanzaa with these fun and easy crafts your kids will love.

Kwanzaa flag garland: Use your recycled sheets of red, green, and black construction paper to put together this colorful and festive flag garland.

Kwanzaa placamat: This vibrant placemat is fun for kids to make and to eat from. You could use foam as these instructions suggest, or weave together strips of recycled paper to achieve the same effect.

Egg carton kinara: Your recycling bin holds all the supplies you need to make this egg carton kinara to mark the season of Kwanzaa. The colors of the candles represent the people (black), their struggles (red), and the future (green).

Corn necklace: This "corny" necklace is the perfect gift for mom at Kwanzaa. Each ear of corn represents one child in the family.

Unity cup: Drink to Kwanzaa with this beautiful unity cup.