Halloween is fast approaching. No time to put together a costume? Never fear, here's a trunk load of ideas that use items you probably have around the house.

Ghost: Don't overlook the obvious. If you've got an old white sheet, then you have all of the supplies you need to make the perfect ghost costume. Add a little white and black face paint and get ready to spook the town.

Mummy: Dress your child in a white sweat suit. Tear strips from an old large white sheet and tie them all around him. Use face paint to make his face white and add dark circles around his eyes for effect.

DIY black bat Halloween costume If you have a black sweatshirt and a black umbrella, then you have a bat costume. (Photo: Lenore Edman/flickr)

Bat: Use an old umbrella to whip up this last-minute bat costume. Just remove the handle and cut the umbrella in half to make bat wings. Have your child dress in a black, hooded sweatshirt and dark pants and attach the wings to the back with safety pins. Cut black ears out of felt and attach with safety pins to the hood of the shirt. Use black face paint to color his lips and nose.

Barbie: Got a blond wig? Then you've got all the supplies you need to dress your little one as this toy icon. Just have her wear her pinkest, frilliest outfit and add a little make-up to complete the look.

The Artist: Dress your child in a white shirt and pants and splatter both with paint. Add a few face paint smudges to her cheeks and arms. Then, cut out a palette shape from a piece of cardboard. Use paint to make four or five circles of paint on the palette. Have your child carry an old paintbrush and voilá, she's an artist!

Tourist: This is a nice-and-easy costume that's also loads of fun. Put together an outlandish outfit for your child ... think, bright shirt, khaki shorts, sunglasses, big hat, ugly socks and sandals. Add a camera around the neck and a map, a tote bag, and a pretend plane ticket.

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas for kids
Short on time? Put together these awesome Halloween costumes faster than your kids can say 'Trick or Treat!'