The big day is here and you don't have a costume ready? Never fear! These eight last minute costume ideas will get you and your trick-or-treater looking great and out the door in a flash!


Spa princess: This costume is so easy and so cute, yet it costs virtually nothing in time or money to put together. Take a spin through your kids room and bathroom and grab a bathrobe, slippers, hand mirror, towel, face cream, and any other spa touches you can find. The best part about this costume is that you can bundle your child up underneath the robe to keep her warmer if the temperature dips. That and that fact that she'll come home with an amazing facial!



Baby octopus: This awesome costume is actually a cinch to make. You just need three pairs of tights, some stuffing, and the little no-skid pads that you normally stick on the bottom of furniture (to make the suction cups.) So cute, yet so fast and fun!




Construction worker: You know those horribly worn out jeans or stained t-shirt that your child won't let you throw away? Those will be perfect for this construction worker outfit. Add a hard hat, and stick some hand tools in a regular belt or a small tool belt if you have one and you're good to go!





Lego: If you've got a large box and a can of paint, then this Lego costume will come together in a snap.  Add a matching t-shirt or sweatshirt underneath and some jeans or dark colored pants on the bottom and you are all set.




Garden gnome: I love, love, love this cute little outfit. You're child probably already has the clothes, so you just need to whip up this hat and beard to make it work. It does require a bit of crafty skills and supplies — glue gun, white fake fur, elastic cord — but if you've got the skills this costume comes together fast and looks great!





More ideas

Artist: Splatter an over-sized white t-shirt with paint. Add black pants, a paintbrush and a homemade painter's palette (use cardboard and paint) and voilà — you have an artiste!


Bag of jelly beans: Fill a clear trash bag with colorful balloons. Add arm and leg holes (and some clothes underneath) and you're good to go.


Black cat: Pull together black pants, black shoes and a black shirt. Cut out black ears out of felt or cardboard and glue or tape to a child's headband. Add a little eco-friendly face paint and meow!

Last minute Halloween costume ideas
Still need a costume for Halloween? Here are eight costume ideas that look awesome and come together so fast it's scary!