Got a budding world adventurer in the house? Whether your child loves to travel the seven seas or keep her feet firmly planted at home, she will love to follow the expeditions of Lately Lily, world explorer.  



Created by author and illustrator Micah Player and apparel designer Erin Nichols, Lately Lily is a website that follows the fictional character of Lily as she travels the world with her parents, a photographer and writer for the "world's greatest magazine." Lily's traveling companion is her best friend, Zeborah (a stuffed zebra from the London Zoo.) Player and Nichols were inspired to create Lily by the adventure-seeking characters of their childhoods like Madeline, Curious George and Corduroy.  


Your little one can follow Lily and find out where she has been and where she is headed on her website, You can also read the latest notebook entry and take a look at what Lily has brought along for her adventure in her Sunny Yellow Suitcase.  


After hearing about this site, I ventured over there and called my daughters (ages 9 and 6) over to check it out too. As soon as they learned where Lily is now — in Puno, Peru — my eldest whipped out our world atlas so she could plot her location on the map. The girls read about Lily's adventures in Peru, and then flipped back to read about her trip to the Philippines.  


I have no clue where Lily is headed next, but I can tell you right now that I have two dedicated followers here who will be tracking Lily's exploits around the globe — and learning more about the world at every stop!

Lately Lily inspires kids to explore the world
New website gives kids a sneak peek into the people, sights and cultures of cities around the world.