Ugh. Another day brings another story about toys that are marketed to children yet contain dangerous levels of lead or other toxins that could harm them.

Today it's toys and children's products sold at Walmart and Target stores around the country.  The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) - a national nonprofit - commissioned the tests, and found excessive levels of lead in Walmart products such as toy boxing gloves, toy foam jewelry beads and green and yellow beanbag chairs for toddlers. The Walmart items contained between three times and 45 times the legal limit for lead.  

At Target, the center said it found two chairs with high lead levels, one of which had 70 times the legal limit for lead.

Part of the funding the CEH receives is a grant from the California attorney general's office to test children's products to see whether they comply with U.S. and California regulations.

The stores responded quickly to the results.  Target agreed to remove the chairs from its stores, while Walmart Stores Inc. spokeswoman Melissa Hill said the company is stopping sales of the products in California (not nationwide) and from  Hill stated that the company would "investigate this matter further."