Bet you didn't know that today is Fly A Kite Day. It's a great day to grab a kite and the kids and go flying. Don't have your own kite? Spend a couple of minutes making one of these cool, kid-friendly designs. You may find that making a kite is just as fun as flying one! 


Garbage bag kite: Yes, you read that right. This kite is made from a garbage bag, but you won't want to toss this one in the trash. You'll need garbage bags, wooden dowels, tape, string and a hole punch and you'll have it off the ground in no time. 




20-minute kite: The designer of this kite prides himself on being able to get 20 kids to make 20 kites in 20 minutes. Why not grab some supplies and put this theory to the test? Maybe you can even beat his time!



The Ben Franklin Kite: Leave it to PBS to come up with a kid-friendly kite design inspired by the kite Benjamin Franklin used in his famous experiment. Grab your kids and relive history with this fun-flying kite.


27 more kite designs: You're sure to find a kite design to please you on this website. You'll find step-by-step illustrated instructions for completing 27 different kites, including sled kites, barn door kites and diamond kites.



Now get crafting and go fly a kite! Do you have a favorite kite flying story?


Let's go fly a kite!
Celebrate Fly A Kite Day with one of these kid-friendly crafts.