At the tender age of 6 years old, my daughter loves to earn a buck.  Even with her novice grasp on the the value of a dollar (which is actually probably better than most Americans,) she knows that if wants a new DVD or doll, she's going to have to save up the dineros to buy it.  And save she does.  She's saves her birthday money and her tooth fairy money and the money she earns by doing extra chores around the house.  And now, with the help of a new online application, she'll be able to save the money that she earns just for turning off the lights.  

A few months ago, I wrote about the energy exploits of Peter Troast (CEO of Energy Circle) and his family as their tweeted their energy use online.  Troast got his whole family in on the energy saving action by contracting with his kids to play their part--they got 50% of the family's energy savings in cold hard cash.  

That was all the incentive it took for Troast's teens to jump on the energy savings train.  And I know the contract will have a similar effect on my entreprenurial 6 year old.  Using Energy Circle's new free on-line tool--Moolah Maker--my family can record our monthly energy use, write contracts to define our energy use goals and share the financial savings from reduced energy use.

Let the energy savings begin.