Today's marks the first official day of summer vacation in our house. That means the PJs can stay on a little longer and breakfast might just roll right into lunch. It also means that my girls will hopefully find some quiet time today to pick out a title from their summer reading lists.  

If you and/or your kids think reading sounds too much like homework, it's time for you both to get reaquainted with the magic of books. And summer is the perfect time to introduce kids to books they can read for fun rather than to check a box on their homework chart. During the school year, there are plenty of books they have to read. Make summer the time that they can choose their own titles and curl up in their favorite spots. You can read to them, they can read to you, or you can all read side by side on the sofa. Summer reading can and should be relaxed, fascinating and downright fun — just like the rest of your summer vacation.

Lisa Bu, a content distribution manager for the TED talks speaker series, recently shared her unique approach to reading in this lovely, personal talk about the magic of books.

Check it out:

My girls and I already love to read, but this talk inspired me to make reading even more a part of our summer vacation plans. Need some inspiration for summer reading? Try a title from one of these great lists:

Summer reading list: Great green reads for kids

Summer reading list: Green reads for teens and tweens

The American Library Association's 2013 Summer Reading List 

Scholastic's 2013 Summer Reading List

Make summer reading fun for everyone like these awesome teachers from Summit Elementary in Oconomowoc, Wisc. Check out their ode to summer reading in this "Read Like Crazy" parady of "Call Me Maybe:"

What are your favorite summer reading list titles?
Make summer reading fun for all ages
Summer is a great time to open up a child's mind to the magic of reading.