Planning a vacation?  Whether it's a volunteer vacation or a family road trip, get your kids involved in making the trip a green and clean one.  Their are lots of ways that even the littlest kids can help green your next vacation.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Eco-travel agent: Enlist your child’s help in planning your trip. From choosing a destination to researching the most environmentally friendly hotel to finding nearby natural sites to visit, kids can pour through info at the library or on the web to gain a wealth of knowledge about the trip (and save you hours in front of the computer).
  • Play greentag: Log on to a carbon offsetting website (See Use Your Green in this chapter) and help your child calculate the carbon emissions that will be generated during your trip and purchase “greentags” to offset them.
  • The world needs some eco-change: Turn an old plastic or glass jar into an “Eco-Bank” where you can collect spare change throughout the year. Give your child stickers, markers, and paint to decorate the jar and cut a slot in its lid. Place the jar in a prominent location in the house and encourage family members to deposit their spare change on a regular basis. Cash in the funds before your next trip and donate the money to a local conservation group or charity at your destination.
  • Make memories: When you get home, help your child make a digital slide show of your favorite holiday pictures to remember the trip throughout the year.

  Photo by forwardcom

Make your next green vacation a family affair
Enlist your kids' help in making your next vacation lighter on the planet.