Look out universities ... Generation Y is growing up and setting their sights on greening the college scene. According to the website Philly.com, this year, companies specializing in decorating dorm rooms are finding a surge in student interest in limiting their impact on the environment. Students are bypassing the laundromats and opting for in-room drying racks to save both energy and cash.

Water filtration pitchers, CFL lightbulbs and reusable dryer balls are just a few of the products making a buzz on college campuses this year. Another interesting green trend ... many college students are forgoing the traditional new backpack and using their reusable grocery bags to haul around books and laptops.

In a 2009 survey, Miller Zell, a retail consulting firm in Atlanta, found that 62 percent of Generation Y shoppers were willing to pay more for green products, and just under 40 percent of shoppers in their teens and early 20s thought more green information could be provided by stores.

Photo: malory.folino

Making the green's list
Generation Y is greening the college scene.