Dean Smith is a patient man, you've got to give him that. He just spent the last 365 days proposing to his girlfriend — every. single. day.  

Last year on Jennifer Kessel's birthday, Smith decided he wanted to propose. But no ordinary proposal would do. To honor Kessel's love of countdowns, Smith decided that he would make an epic proposal video, asking her to marry him every day while counting down the day to his real proposal, which would fall on her birthday the following year. 

The video is long (around 15 minutes), but it sucks you in from the first white board. And it just serves as a testament to Smith and the care and patience he took. He really does propose every day, dancing and lip-syncing along to Pharrell's "Happy" and Bruno Mars' "I Think I Wanna Marry You." Each day he holds up a white board marking the date and asking Kessler to be his bride. In some shots, he's looking at the camera, but in others, he's mowing the lawn, clearing the snow from his car, washing dishes or showering. He wanted to show her how he thinks about her every day. And clearly he does.

After 365 days, when Kessel's birthday rolled around this year, Smith recruited the help of their families for the final footage. While they all vacationed in Aruba, they summoned Kessel to the beach where she watched the video of her groom-to-be proposing every day for the last year. At the end of the video, Smith instructs Kessel to turn around. And when she does, she finds Smith in a tux with rose petals spread on the beach around him, holding the final white board. 

So, of course she said "yes."

You can watch the full video below.

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