For some, March means warmer temperatures and longer days. For others, it may mean hours of studying for mid-term exams. But for many, March means but one thing: Madness ... March Madness that is.

Even if you don't follow basketball, you've surely heard about the annual college hoops tournament that's held every spring starting in — you guessed it — March. Mild enthusiasm typically gives way to frenzied fanatics as the 68 teams in the tournament are narrowed down to the Final Four. By the time one team is crowned the champion, basketball fans across the U.S. are practically drooling with anticipation.

For basketball fans, the only thing more popular than watching the games during March Madness is betting on them. Now, this may or may not be legal — depending upon what state you live in — but raising money for charity is. So why not take advantage of this fun opportunity to fundraise for your favorite cause? has some great tips on its site for college students who want to run a March Madness for Charity bracket (Tip #1: make sure it's OK with your school administrators!) You could also just gather with friends and run a traditional tournament bracket, with the pot going to the winner's favorite charity.  

Enjoy the games!

March Madness for charity
Love basketball? Cheer on your favorite teams while raising money for your favorite charity.