Listen up guys: Being married can save your life. Seriously!

A new study has found that married men received treatment after a heart attack — when every second counts — faster than their single peers. And that faster treatment may just have saved some lives.

For the study, researchers in Canada evaluated the records of 4,401 heart attack victims — 2,915 men and 1,486 women — to determine how long it took each to receive treatment after the onset of chest pain. On average, married men who were experiencing a heart attack arrived at the hospital half an hour sooner than those who were not married. Oddly — or maybe not so oddly — married women saw no such benefit.

“Wives are more likely to take the caregiver role and advise their husbands to go to the E.R.,” said Dr. Clare L. Atzema, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto and the lead author of the study. “But as my husband put it, even if I wasn’t there telling him to go to the hospital, he’d hear my voice telling him to do so. Even when they’re not there, women have a pronounced effect.”

The study was published online in The Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Married men get heart attack treatment faster
Study finds married men get help more quickly during a heart attack than their single peers.