One month ago, a movement launched on Facebook asking toy manufacturer Mattel, maker of Barbie dolls, to make a bald Barbie doll. When I originally wrote about Beautiful and Bald Barbie, the group's Facebook page had 37,000 "likes." That number has grown to 149,000 and that growth is not slowing down anytime soon. It's got folks talking and thinking about how supportive a bald doll would be to a child (or adult) who has lost his or her hair to cancer or anything illness.

Until now, Mattel has responded politely to the cause while insisting that the company does not accept toy ideas from consumers. But while Mattel officials have been hesitant to take on the bald Barbie concept, another toy manufacturer has embraced it.

MGA Entertainment announced this weekend its commitment to launch a a new hairless version of their Bratz and Moxie Girlz dolls. Under the banner “”True Hope,” MGA will release three Bratz dolls, Cloe, Yasmin and Cameron, and three Moxie Girlz dolls, Avery, Sophina, and Jaxson.

The dolls will be on sale at Toys "R" Us stores and starting this June, and MGA will donate $1 for every “True Hope” doll City of Hope for cancer research.

Hats off to MGA Entertainment for taking up this cause. I have to be honest, I have not been a huge fan of Bratz dolls before. The dolls wear skimpy clothes and makeup and they are a little more "mature" than I look for in a kid's toy. But I will be first in line to buy one of these new True Hope dolls and I might even look differently at the other toys on the MGA lineup.

How about you? Will you buy a True Hope doll when it comes out in June?

MGA to make bald Bratz and Moxie dolls
Toy maker MGA Entertainment announces plans to make hairless Bratz and Moxie dolls to support children and adults with cancer.