Last week, the Walt Disney Company unveiled a comprehensive plan to go green and reduce its overall environmental impact. The company's full corporate responsibility report outlines a three-to-five year plan that aims to achieve the following goals at Disney's parks and resorts:

  • cut emissions by 50 percent
  • reduce electricity consumption by 10 percent
  • reduce garbage by 50 percent
Long term, the company's goals are ambitious:
  • Zero waste
  • Zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions from fuels
  • Reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions from electricity consumption
  • Net positive impact on ecosystems
  • Minimize water use
  • Minimize product footprint
  • Inform, empower and activate positive action for the environment
Thus far, Disney's plan has received high praise from environmental groups. “We applaud Disney for its leadership in adopting these goals, especially at such a challenging time in the global economy,” said Peter Seligmann, chairman and CEO of Conservation International. “Disney’s vision underscores the continued interest in the environment among people worldwide and the growing recognition that environmental leadership can help revitalize the economy.” Conservation International provided advice to Disney on its new goals and targets.
Mickey Mouse is going green
The Walt Disney Company unveils its plan to reduce Mickey's eco-footprint.