There is nothing sweeter than a dad having a tea party with his little girl. Unless that dad also happens to be in uniform and on leave from his military duty.

Vanessa Hicks has captured these sweet moments in a new photo series focusing on military dads having tea with their daughters. Hicks, a Navy veteran herself, knows firsthand how difficult military life can be for parents and their kids. She told the Huffington Post that the best part of this project thus far has been "seeing the glow on these little girls' faces," when sharing such a special moment with their dads.

Jake and Lila SabinAir Force Capt. Jake Sabin shares a moment with his daughter, Lila. (Photo: Vanessa Hicks)

"Every time families move, children have to make new friends, get used to new schools, and find new clubs and teams to join," Hicks said. "So, I wanted to document a special moment with a little girl and the one person that she looks up to the most, the one person who fights for our freedom."

Hicks photographed her own daughters Jasmine and Tatyana, having tea with her husband Joshua, a naval officer with 16 years of service.

Josh and Jasmine HicksHicks pours tea for his daughter, Jasmine. (Photo: Vanessa Hicks)

When the Monterey, California-based photographer advertised these “Military Tea Time Mini Sessions” on her Facebook page and website she received an “overwhelming” response from fellow military families. So far, the sessions have only included dads and their daughters, but Hicks says she would love to include moms and sons as well.

This isn't the first time that Hicks has earned viral fame with her military photography. She gained notoriety last year with her infamous flag baby photo in which a father is shown holding his baby who is cradled in the American flag.

With this series, Hicks was not only trying to capture special moments between dads and their daughters, but she was also trying to remind people that the men and women who serve in our military are really just everyday moms and dads who make extreme sacrifices to defend our country.

"Though each dad who participated is one of our nation’s heroes, she added, “really, he is just his daughter’s hero.”

Andrew and Aliya BradstreetNavy Lt. Andrew Bradstreet spends time with his daughter, Aliya. (Photo: Vanessa Hicks)

Jake and Lila SabinSabin and Lila enjoy their tea party. (Photo: Vanessa Hicks)

Lieutenant Navy Officer Josh Hicks and JasmineHicks enjoys his tea. (Photo: Vanessa Hicks)

Matt and Maddie BenderArmy Maj. Matt Bender presents flowers to his daughter, Maddie. (Photo: Vanessa Hicks)

Military dads share tea time with their daughters in this adorable photo series
We dare you to find anything sweeter on the internet today that these photos of military dads drinking tea with their daughters.