Every now and again I come across a story that warms my heart and makes me want to hug the world. This is that kind of story.


Last year, the two women behind the blog Rants from Mommyland decided to do something to help out other moms during the holidays. They started a gift card exchange, matching moms in need up with moms who were able to help out. They did all of the matching via email, taking requests for help and sending them off to moms who had offered to help. In the end, the bloggers matched up almost 2,500 moms in one big gift card exchange that truly changed the lives of the many who participated.


The whole endeavor is so simple in its execution and so heart-warming in its effectiveness that when I heard the pair were planning to do it again, I had to spread the word.


Check out their post 2012 Gift Card Exchange - Give It Up Mommyland for all of the details. But basically, it comes down to this:


Need help? Send them an email. Want to help? Send them an email for that too. They have specific instructions in their blog post regarding what to put in the subject line and what to include in your email so they can match up donors and those in need as easily as possible. 


Big hugs go out to the two women behind Rants From Mommyland — Lydia and and Kate (known in real life as Julianna W. Miner and Kristin Wilson Keppler) — for making this happen. It's acts like these that put the twinkle back in the holiday season for me and for so many others.


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Mommy bloggers sponsor gift card exchange to help moms in need
The bloggers from Rants From Mommyland match up moms who need help with those who have something they want to give.