What do moms really want for Mother's Day?


Gift guides abound this time of year (even MNN has one) with ideas for purses, gadgets, spa getaways, flower arrangements, bath products, and books that retailers think we want.  


But I can tell you right now that those "things" are not what we want at all. Trust me on this one. Moms want time — time to ourselves, and time with our family. We want to relax and laugh and enjoy our kids without being responsible for meals, laundry, activities or bedtime. We want one day to enjoy all that is great about being a mom without having to deal with all of the chores that go along with the job.


Don't believe me? I did a quick survey of Facebook mom friends asking what they truly want this Mother's Day.  Here's what they said:  


"To work in my organic garden all day with my girls by my side - not to mention the inevitable picnic lunch under our favorite wisteria tree. ♥"  Priscilla Matuson (A Gluten Free Vegan Mom Who Knows


"I want a TREE and to relax- no internet, no blogging etc." Stephanie Moram (Good Girl Gone Green)


"I want to sleep all day!" Paige Wolfe (Spit That Out!)


"My wish is to not have to work, clean, cook, or yell. :)" Michelle Lloyd (Mkokopelli)


"To be left alone to plant. Just peace and quiet. Oh and one day of no mess. Is that too much to ask?" Anna Hackman (Green Talk)


"I would LOVE to be taken out for sushi while a housecleaner completely cleans my home." Tiffany Washko (Nature Moms)


"To spend the day with my beautiful Mama" Corey Colwell-Lipson (Celebrate Green)


"I wanted to run my first 'endurance' race as an adult...and found a 5K on Mother's Day morning in the city I live in. Yay! I'm super excited it is on Mother's Day because I'm finally making my own health a priority and I'm soaking up all of the family support for it, too. My hubby, kids and mom (and dad) will be waving at the finish line. Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!" Erin Naumowicz (Healthy Home Magazine)


"For mother's day I would like for my film to be fully funded so that I can inform mothers everywhere about protecting their children: http://misleadmovie.com/Mislead_Movie/PrivateTrailer.htmlTamara Rubin (Lead Safe America)


"I want the world to be a better place. ;)" Brenna Burke (Almost All The Truth)


"I want a Jeannie."  Karen Lee (ecoKaren)  to which she added: "I want the house cleaned and organized the way *I* want while I get a full body massage and a facial with my Mom"


"Privacy in the bathroom. Not kidding. Also, a bike ride with my family with no complaining and lots of snacks." Lori Popkewitz Alper (Groovy Green Livin


"[S]pend time with my family, have my son home from Portland... I just like hanging with my family and I don't want to be the one cooking all day (which happens sometimes....)" Erin Ely (Ely Organics)


* * * 


So what do I want for Mother's Day? I want a hot bath (without interruption), a walk in the woods with my family, and some time to kick back with a cup of tea and my Sunday paper.  


See? There's not a gadget or knick-knack in sight. So give your mom a real gift this Mother's Day and give her some "me" time and some "family" time; cook her dinner (or take her out for sushi); and let her know just how much you love her. That is really all any mom could ever want.


Ok, moms, let's hear it. What is your one true wish for Mother's Day?

Moms share their one true wish for Mother's Day
What does your mom really want for Mother's Day? (Hint: You won't find it at the store.)