It's that lovely time of year again. Time to shower your Mom with gifts and attention (husband and kids: hint, hint.) Last year, I wrote a post on waste-free gift ideas for Mother's Day to help you celebrate Mom without trashing the planet. This year, I have even more waste-free gift ideas up my sleeve. 

Plant a garden: Give Mom a gift that will keep on giving all summer long by planting a garden for her. Make sure to match your project to your Mom's time and interests. If she won't be able to keep up with a big garden, plant a few veggies in pots that she can grow on her porch or in a sunny window. Check out this post for tips on starting a garden.

Tickets! What mother wouldn't love tickets? Whether they're tickets to a Broadway show, the local movie theater, or your daughter's ballet recital, they're sure to be a hit if it's something she can enjoy with her whole family.  

Tummy tempters: Nothing says love like a steaming hot cup of organic fair trade coffee and a homemade biscotti. Unless of course it's a batch of double-chocolate chocolate chip cookies or a loaf or homemade bread. Check out food blogger Robin's great ideas for Mother's Day meals and desserts.  

Volunteer: Make this Mother's Day meaningful for your whole family by finding ways to volunteer together as a family. Plant at a community garden, hand out meals out your local food bank, walk and groom pets at the animal shelter or take a volunteer vacation together.

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