According to a study by the NYU Child Study Center, “Girls' self-esteem peaks when they are about 9 years old, then takes a nosedive.”


Like many moms of young daughters — myself included — Jamie Dicken was dismayed when she read this statistic and determined to keep her own 10-year-old daughter from falling into this trap. So she and her daughter, Juliette, decided to create a company to empower moms and their tween daughters to live happier and healthier lives using yoga and journaling and to start conversations that strengthen the mother/daughter bond and improve self-esteem.


To make this dream a reality, both mom and daughter became certified to teach yoga (Juliette was the first tween to be certified to teach other tweens,) and Jamie became certified as a life coach. Through their company, Believe In She, the mother/daughter team teaches mother/daughter yoga classes, workshops and events that combine yoga, open conversations, and fun art projects.


The goal of Believe In She is to help girls explore topics such as body image, friendship and bullying in an atmosphere that allows them to develop their self confidence and bond with their moms and peers. Jamie will offer the first Believe In She teacher training this fall to help spread the word and the program.


Check out Believe In She to learn more.


Mother/daughter yoga team teaches girls to 'Believe In She'
California's Believe In She program helps tween girls strengthen self-confidence and bond with moms and peers.