As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I recently signed up to participate in the Weekend Without Oil, an event designed by to help increase awareness about America's dependence on oil and how each of us can do our part to reduce it.

The event was held this weekend, and on Saturday morning I took a good look at the actions I agreed to try:

1. Walk or ride your bike

2. Enjoy the outdoors

3. Use reusable bags

4. Be conscious of what you eat

5. Don't buy new makeup

6. Drink tap water

7. Make your electronic gadgets last

8. Avoid buying new movies

9. Avoid buying new clothes

10. Read books and news at the library or online

11. Spread the word

So how did I do? Well, as I also mentioned in my post on Friday, #1 was a bust for me as this was the weekend that my family and I left on a road trip from Virginia to North Carolina on vacation. In my defense, I crammed my family of four into our Toyota Corolla and left behind all but the essentials so that we didn't weigh down the car too much.  

But yes, I highly doubt that a road trip counts as living without oil. But rather than give up on the rest of the list, my preplanned trip actually made my try even harder to adhere to the rest of these commitments. And for a family preparing for and departing on a vacation, I think we did a pretty good job of not buying new things (we hit up the library and made do with the things we already had,) being conscious of what we eat (we packed all of our snacks and meals for the road so that we didn't have to rely on fast-food gut bombs,) and enjoying the outdoors (we hit the beach the second we got there and didn't stop enjoying it until the sun went down.)

My weekend without oil: The road trip edition
MNN family blogger's attempt to live without oil while embarking on a family vacation.