What do Labor Day and school lunches have in common? Hopefully, quite a bit.

The Child Nutrition Act is up for its five-year Congressional renewal this September, and the folks at Slow Food USA want to get people talking about it and the changes we need to make in the way kids are fed and educated about food in schools. So they've organized a “National Eat-In” to be held this Labor Day, Sept. 7.  From their website:

“On Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2009, people in communities all over the country will sit down to share a meal with their neighbors and kids. This National Eat-In will send a clear message to Congress: It's time to provide America's children with real food at school.”
So basically, all you have to do to get involved is get together with friends and family to enjoy food, games, and hopefully some good conservation about the steps you can take in your community to improve the food served at school. The Slow Food USA website has a great organizer toolkit you can use to plan your event as well as tips on spreading the word and building momentum for healthier food at schools.

Sounds like an excellent way to make this Labor Day a fun, green, and meaningful day off!

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National Labor Day Eat-In
Host a potluck this Labor Day to get your community fired up about healthy food in schools.