From seashores and recreational areas to scenic waterways and historic sites, national parks bring out the best of this country's 50 states. Each park holds a myriad of information including history, natural resources and wildlife just waiting to be explored.

As a former park ranger, I can attest to the passion that most park rangers bring to the job to disseminate as much of this information as possible to park visitors. But with more than 300 million people visiting national parks annually, it can be difficult for even the most dedicated ranger to get to all of them.

There's a new iPhone app that will help with that.

The new National Park Field Guide from the National Parks Conservation Association provides a complete view of park wildlife, as well as a comprehensive ecosystem review of 50 national parks. The guide includes bird portraits, call recordings, information about endangered and poisonous species, range maps, and wildlife. Users will find current news about featured parks, access and reservation information, and directions to park visitor centers.

The field guide mobile app features national parks around the country that support critical wildlife habitats. Some the many parks featured include Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Cape Cod National Seashore and Gettysburg National Military Park.

For a complete list, and to learn more about the field guide app, visit:

The app is free and available to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users.

National Parks 2.0
National Parks Conservation Association creates field guide app for America's national parks.