All aboard! Do you have a train enthusiast at home? Boy do I have an event for you...


Saturday, May 12, is National Train Day, and Amtrak is celebrating by throwing major festivals at train stations in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia. This year marks the fifth annual National Train Day, an event that was established to celebrate the anniversary of the nation's first transcontinental railroad. In addition to the major events at the four cities listed above, National Train Day events are scheduled for 75 U.S. cities across the nation.


The events sound like big-time fun and a great way to spend the day with the family — live entertainment, interactive exhibits, educational activities, and schmancy chefs on hand to make yummy treats for festival guests.


Train day exhibits include model train displays, a "kids' depot" where kids can build, explore and compete for surprise giveaways, Wii games, arts and crafts, and a high-speed rail display that delves into the future of train travel in the U.S. Depending on which event you attend, you might also be able to walk through luxurious, privately owned train cars and interact with Amtrak's K-9 teams.


If you don't live near one of these cities, you might also be able to attend one of the hundreds of grassroots events being held at local train stations across the country. As of this writing, there are National Train Day events scheduled to take place in 40 states this Saturday. To find out if there will be one near you, check out the National Train Day website


Can't attend an event in person? You can still join in the celebration by submitting your train travel photos, videos, and stories at, on Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win some cool prizes.


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National Train Day festivities pulling into a station near you
National Train Day events will feature model trains, interactive train exhibits, crafts, music, food and all-around family fun.