With spring upon us and warmer weather finally approaching, now more than ever is the time to make sure your kiddos get some time to play outside. It can be hard to squeeze it in, I know. In our house, we sometimes go from one activity to the next in the afternoon with little down time. And we still need to make it home at a decent hour for dinner and homework!

But one way we've been making it work is to walk or ride bikes or scooters — from, say, Girl Scouts to ballet. Sure, they would have more time between each if we drove. But my girls really enjoy the exercise and it gives them a good change of pace between activities. And we all like the extra hours of sunshine during the day. What's more, my girls sleep better when they get some exercise outdoors each day. And we all know how valuable a good night's sleep can be.

Check out this neat infographic from the National Environmental Education Foundation for more of the health benefits kids can reap when they get active in nature each day.

Nature makes kids healthier [Infographic]
New data shows that children who regularly get outdoors are healthier than kids who don't.