On more than one occasion, I've been so sucked into my favorite show on Netflix that I watched one too many episodes beyond what should have been a reasonable bedtime.

Darn that "House of Cards."

It's bad enough to be tired from staying up too late, but by far the worst part of falling asleep while binge-watching is that your show goes on without you and you have to waste time during your next session figuring out when you fell asleep.

Well, not anymore.

Netflix has released a DIY tutorial for what it has dubbed "Netflix socks" — footwear that will pause your favorite show if you fall asleep. The tutorial is not for the fainthearted. It includes instructions for everything from knitting the socks to programming the microcontroller that will pause your show.

But if you have the skills, they will work you through the DIY project step-by-step starting with knitting the socks and finishing with building the microprocessor, programming it, and embedding it in the sock. Whew!

The project is the second one that video-streaming giant has released as part of its "Netflix Makers" series. The first project, called "The Switch" included plans for a button that could be programmed to dim the lights, silence incoming calls, order takeout, and turn on Netflix — all with one press.

Think you can pull together one of these projects? Break out your knitting needles and soldering iron and let us know how it turns out!

'Netflix socks' pause your show if you fall asleep
They make the perfect gift for your favorite binge-watcher.