The word of the day is "Recycle" and Word Girl is on a mission to clean up the planet and teach kids about going green. In classic superhero form, WordGirl uses her superhero strength and colossal eco-vocabulary as she battles and prevails over evil. In this particular episode, she's up against Birthday Girl, a misguided youth who thinks every day is her birthday and grows in size and strength when she gets upset.

WordGirl fans will love this eco-take on their favorite cartoon, launched just in time for Earth Day, as WordGirl becomes Earth Day Girl and takes on Birthday Girl to save the planet.   

Is it any good, you ask? We received this DVD as a gift from a friend and sat down to watch it the other day. My girls have seen WordGirl before and liked it. And this newest episode was no disappointment, with eco-words like "recycle" and "excess" that are used throughout the episode. Even my 4-year-old knew the meaning of excess by the end of the show. Will it stop her from begging for a new toy the next time we're at the store? Probably not, but at least she'll know what I'm talking about when I tell her that a new toy would be excessive.  

Never fear: Earth Day Girl is here!
Word girl becomes Earth Day Girl and launches on a mission to protect the planet.