Last week, my family and I came across what has easily become our new favorite board game.  CAMP, from Education Outdoors, is a trivia game based solely on nature and the environment.  To play, each person chooses an animal (for obvious reasons, "Sassy the Squirrel" is my favorite) to guide around the board answering questions and "Fun Facts" about the environment.  And if that were all there was to it, I would still be pretty happy.

But the makers of CAMP, took things one step further to make this game as family-friendly as it is eco-friendly.  Each questions card has four difficulty levels to accomadate players of all ages.  So my 3 year old can answer a question by looking at a picture on the card and determing if the picture shows a wood duck, a rockfish bass, or a brown bear.  My 6 year old can answer questions about what bears eat or where they live.  While my husband and I challenge each other on the Latin names for certain animals, or the amount of oil that can be gained by recycling one ton of paper.

To be honest, my 3 year old tends to get bored about half-way through the game.  But she's usally more than happy to amuse herself with the remaining animal icons while the rest of us finish up.  My 6 year old on the other hand, would play CAMP until the cows came home if we let her.  

At the end of each game, we've all learned something new about the environment.  And we've usually shared a few laughs in the process.  I really couldn't ask for more than that.

New board game brings the outdoors in
Learn about the environment while sharing some laughs with your kids.