"Oh, now that's a book I gotta read."

That was my 10-year-old daughter's response when I picked up the copy of "The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature Before You Grow Up" that had been sent to me to review. As the book was geared toward kids, I wanted my daughters to take a look, and take a look they did. In fact, I could hardly pry it out of their hands to write my review. And really, what better review can you get than that?

"The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book" by Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer is a fun guide for helping kids get out into nature. Most of the ideas are basic, things like spit watermelon seeds, collect seashells, or pack a picnic lunch. But even these simple ideas came make a great springboard on days when you want your kids to get outside but are not sure what to do. It's perfect for the kid who heads out the door and says "There's nothing to do out here." Whether it's catching fireflies, making bird feeders from peanut butter, pine cones, and seed; making a fort, or watching the clouds float by, this book will give kids who are new to nature lots of ideas to get them started.  

And it also offers tons of challenges for kids like mine who do play outdoors quite a bit but might never have thought to try outdoor yoga, go mothing, try letterboxing, or make sun tea. With 448 things to do in nature for kids of all ages, there is quite literally something for everyone to try. And each activity has an "adventure scale" to help parents figure out which ones might work best for their kids.  

My favorite feature is that the list of activities is broken down by seasons, so you can flip it open right to the activities that you can do each day. Each of the year's four seasons includes 50 checklist items, 50 challenge items, three projects, destinations, garden recipes and outdoor games. 

My girls have already compiled their lists of outdoor activities that they want to try this summer. I'm not sure if we'll be able to harvest honey or try paddleboarding, but playing in the mud and taking flower photos sounds like good bets.

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New book will keep your kids busy this summer (and all year long)
"The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Guide Book" includes 448 outdoor activities that will keep kids playing outdoors in every season.