Worried about cyberbullying?  Sexting?  Inappropriate "friends" on social media sites?  

These new fears are common to parents raising kids in the digital age.  But a new program may just give parents a powerful new tool to eliminate them.

A free filtering program called MouseMail, gives parents a heads up when questionable e-mails and cellphone text messages are sent to their kids.  It not only flags these types of messages, but it blocks them as well, diverting them to a parent's inbox instead.  Parents can choose whether to send them on to their child or not.

The program flags and blocks email and text messages containing offensive, bullying or sexually-suggestive language before the child receives them, while allowing for communication with approved contacts. The email and text messaging filters are free.

Mousemail is also rolling out a a premium service that monitors social networks and lets parents look for mentions of their kids' names and contacts with unknown and/or unapproved "friends."

One thing that I think is particularly interesting is that MouseMail monitors both incoming and outgoing messages.  So it notifies parents if their kids are being cyberbullied or subjected to sexting.  But it also notifies parents if their kids are the ones doing the cyberbullying or sexting.  In either case, I think it gives parents the opportunity to (hopefully) nip these situations in the bud before they become serious.

New program filters email/text messages for kids
Want to be notified if bullying or sexually aggressive messages are sent to your kids?